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Plano, TX Dentists Dr. Nelson and Jason Hui

Drs. Jason and Nelson Hui are an Plano, Texas brother dental team striving to serve patients with ideal care. After working in several DFW dental practices and spending countless hours analyzing numerous other offices, Drs. Jason and Nelson came together to establish a dental practice with an ideal combination of benefits to ensure the highest standards of excellence for patients of all ages. The doctors chose their practice name, Paragon Dentistry, because they truly want their patients to receive the best care that modern dentistry has to offer.

Here on, Drs. Jason and Nelson Hui strive to answer frequently asked questions pertaining to various dental topics. Our hope is to educate our patients regarding dental care, correct common misconceptions in dentistry, and encourage ongoing communication with our patients and prospective patients. If you have any questions or concerns about your dental health, please reach out to us either by phone or the contact form to your right. We look forward to hearing from you!

Doctor Profiles

Jason Hui, DDS

Plano, TX Dentist Dr. Jason Hui

Dr. Jason Hui earned his bachelor’s degrees in biology and business administration from the University of Texas at Dallas. Starting with his undergraduate studies, Dr. Jason wanted his education to have a balance of science and business to help prepare him for opening his own dental practice. Before graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Dr. Jason received the “General Dentistry Award” and “Implant Award” for outstanding performance in both these areas.

To maintain his high clinical standards and excellent patient care, Dr. Jason Hui is dedicated to continuing education and postgraduate training. He also keeps up with the latest technology and treatment advancements in his field, utilizing all the tools available to practice well-informed, evidence-based dentistry. Dr. Jason is active in the American Dental Association (ADA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), Texas Dental Association (TDA), and the Dallas County Dental Society (DCDS).

Dr. Jason Hui understands how important optimal oral health is to overall health. In addition to focusing on preventive care and his patients’ health, Dr. Jason also focuses on providing personalized care with a gentle touch so patients have a great experience each and every visit!

In his personal life, Dr. Jason enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. His hobbies include woodworking (especially building and finishing furniture), home remodeling, traveling, golf, weight lifting and fitness.

Nelson Hui, DMD

Plano, TX Dentist Dr. Nelson Hui

Dr. Nelson Hui has always had a passion for science and art. While attending undergraduate school at Washington University in St. Louis, he discovered that dentistry combines both of these passions perfectly. Dr. Nelson thoroughly enjoys changing patients’ lives by aesthetically recreating their smiles and improving their overall health. After completing a plethora of science courses, publishing a few research papers on Heart Rate Variability in The Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology and Computers in Cardiology, and receiving his bachelor’s degree in Finance, Dr. Nelson Hui was offered the prestigious Dean’s Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Nelson understands that dentistry is a field of lifelong learning, and he enjoys learning about the newest advancements in dental technology and treatment techniques through continuing education courses offered from renowned leaders of dentistry. He is also a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), American Orthodontic Society (AOS), Texas Dental Association (TDA), and the Dallas County Dental Society (DCDS).

Ethics and excellence play a large role in the way Dr. Nelson Hui practices dentistry, and he strives to establish lifelong relationships with patients while rendering the highest standard of care.

When Dr. Nelson isn’t thinking about dentistry, he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, as well as musical activities including listening to music, singing, and playing the piano.

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