When does the first permanent tooth come in?

The first permanent tooth, which is the first adult molar, usually comes in around 6 years of age behind the second baby molar.

The first baby tooth is usually lost around 6-7 years of age, and these tend to be either the upper or lower two front teeth. The lower two front adult teeth normally come in to replace the lost baby teeth at 6-7 years of age, and the upper two front adult teeth normally arrive at 7-8 years of age.

Baby teeth continue to fall out, and adult teeth continue to form, culminating in the second adult molar erupting into the mouth at around 12-13 years of age.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, may or may not erupt into the oral cavity above the gums depending on how much space the jaw has. It has become customary to remove these wisdom teeth around the ages of 16-18 years.

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